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United States can be discussed in terms of regions: the South, New England, Midwest, West, and Pacific Northwest. You also have the last frontier known as Alaska and the top Pacific Island chain Hawaii. Each of these regions offers prime zip lines and tours. Whether it is a small state like Delaware or the great state of Texas, river banks and forests are perfect for seeing the world from above while zipping.

The following will explore what the United States has to offer for zip lining:

Typically, when we think of zip lining we think about tropical rainforests, but the truth is the United States can offer a pretty great spread for such fun. TennesseeWest Virginia , Virginia, MarylandKentucky and even South Carolina are all part of the Appalachian Mountain chain and are home of some of the best zip lining tours in the US. Alaska with Denali as the highest in the United States peak is yet another great place. California, Oregon, and Washington have a range of flat areas which are combined with some amazing mountains and zip line tours on Earth. A great example of this is the zip line tour in Spokane, Mica Moon Zip Tours.

Culture is a large part of many areas in the United States and it is usually reflected by the museums and art locations spread throughout major cities.  In the morning, a zip lining tour can be enjoyed and in the afternoon you can be in a museum or zoo.  Boston, Massachusettes; Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York and almost every capital have incredible adventures, including zip line tours near by.

To add to all of the culture there is in the United States are some top dining establishments whether they are "mom and pop" owned or fine dining locations full of the best cuisine. There are some zip line companies who offer full day excursions where you can experience the flavor of American dining along with your zip line tour.

Taking a zip lining tour in any one of the states will add to the vacation experience. Whether you are in the Southwest in the Arizona desert lands or the Northwest in the Idaho mountains, the United States has zip lines almost everywhere! The popularity of zip lining has increased dramatically over the last few years as people search for the next thrill.  Many whitewater rafting companies have built zip lines as it's a natural transition for adrenaline junkies.

So as you search throughout this website, find the state you want to visit with our navigation menu on the right and find more information (state be state) on zip lines in the USA.



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