Hawaii is quite unlike any other place on earth with its Pacific Island culture and sun drenched beaches. Hawaii is the epitome of the South Seas just like those shown in movie South Pacific, which was filmed in the Hawaiian Islands. On any island of Hawaii, zip lines will need to be a part of your vacation package.

The best way to see the cascading waterfalls, blue lagoons, and lush rainforests that remain untouched is zip lining through them at a slow pace soaking up all of the flora and fauna at your fingertips.

Hawaii’s islands were formed by volcanoes, which can also be part of your zip lining tour depending on the island you choose to be on. With beaches of black, red, green, and gold visitors can enjoy sunbathing in the warm afternoon sun after a cool zip through the beautiful forests.

Another alternative is to golf at your resort in the morning before the bright sun rises and then go zip lining through the forests to keep cool in the afternoon heat. There is often far too much to see on one vacation, especially if you want to visit each island Hawaii has to offer. So come back multiple times and experience it all!