Here are the most common (frequently asked) questions we receive at Worldwide Zip Line:

I have a fear of heights, should I do this?

Face your fears! Now...if your fear of heights is something clinical, pick your zip line tour wisely.  The last thing any zip line tour company wants is someone passing out in the middle of a line.  With that said, most tour companies have multiple people in your group who are ready and willing to help you through your fear and ease you into it.

Is zip lining safe?

There is an inherent risk in all outdoor activity. Most zip lines are built to a certain safety standard and have well trained staff.  If you are concerned about your safety, please direct those concerns to the zip line company offering your tour.

I've never went zip lining before?

Zip line virgin, huh?  Go here for videos and more information to ease you into this wonderful activity.

What do I wear?

Be comfortable. Try not to wear really short shorts.  You'll be strapped in a harness at most zip line parks...the harness is rough skin on skin.

Can I wear sandals?

Be sure your sandals strap around your ankles.  A good pair of Teva or Chacos will work great.  However, be sure to check with the zip line tour you are going on...they may have rules about open toed shoes.

Do zip line tour operate in the cold or rain?

Yes. Each company will have a cancellation policy but most will go rain or or cold.  The only exception to this is extreme winds. Contact the company you are going with for specific information on this but count on going during most weather conditions.

Are there height or weight restrictions?

Yes. Typically zip lines are built to take people between 50 and 250 pounds.  Again, each zip line company offers different requirements but those are some general guidelines.

Is there a lot of hiking during a zip line tour?

There sure can be and that is part of the whole experience. We find that the best tours have interpretive guides who can tell you about the region, plant life, culture, etc...during your tour.  There are zip line tours that are simply platform to platform too with little walking or hiking...but this is not the norm.

Can I bring my camera?

Of course! We encourage people to bring along a camera to capture footage and video of their zip lining journey. Companies will have rules as to when you can use your camera but we've never heard of one telling you not to bring it at all.

Do you have an other specific questions? If so, please contact us.



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