It's obvious that Detroit, Michigan landed on the map with the car industry not with zip lines. Though it is a city more for factories and plants than beauty, it has its own charm with historic homes. For the true beauty in a state like Michigan one has to head up the thumb towards the Great Lakes, forests, and parks. Zip lining is growing in popularity as an activity in the resort towns.

Michigan is certainly surrounded by water with Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Superior as the four Great Lakes running along the coastal border of the state. Mackinac Bridge which helps visitors get from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron is one of the largest bridges in the states and leads visitors towards prime zip lines.

Alaska may have the longest continuous coastline, but Michigan is the second largest, which is why boating, fishing, and water sports are a key part to the state. Sand dunes can even add a bit to one’s adventures in Michigan after a day zip lining in nearby parkland.

Whether it is Grand Traverse Bay for elegant inns, luxury condos where residents and visitors take advantage, or Detroit with its numerous museums, fine dining, and sports...Michigan is a state with just about everything.