Montana is one of the least populated states per capita compared to others in the contiguous USA. Montana has some of the most rugged and serene landscape that is perfect for outdoor adventurers. The Rocky Mountains run through Montana up to Canada providing one heck of an area for zip lining.

Montana has prairie and butte regions where one can stay in Billings or Bozeman.  It also has some of the top luxury mountain resorts and guest ranches. Traveling towards Ennis, there are small tourist towns and a few spa retreats visitors can enjoy. You'll also find some zip lines in the forests or you can head on through the northern gate to Yellowstone National Park.

Montana’s Northwest corner offers some of the most beautiful mountains, which stay snow capped throughout the year and contain a few glaciers. Mountain men, Native Americans, and trappers used to frequent this corner where now only their ghosts and stories remain.

Eating in Montana can provide the best beef from local farms or take part of some big game caught on your own. After hunting you might want to see the bird’s eye view of the same forest through a zip lining tour. Bison, venison, elk, and plenty of fish are on the menus at Montana restaurants.