North Dakota is one of the last frontier territories the USA has. Next to Alaska it may have more area explored, but within the lower 48 it is truly the final frontier. It is a rough state filled with a variety of landscape, which can be explored through zip line tours.

North Dakota is made up of the Badlands, farmland and wheat fields which combine with historic sites to keep you entertained throughout your stay in the state. One of the best ways to see this state is not booking luxury resorts in bigger towns, but to trek around with a camper in order to enjoy the stark beauty that makes up the beautiful country.

Teddy Roosevelt started the National Park Service in order to protect the beautiful forests that make up North Dakota. The Coen’s put North Dakota on the radar with the movie Fargo. If you wish for untouched and unexplored wilderness to be your summer playground then zip lining through some of the national forest land is the perfect way to get away from modern society and enjoy this beautiful frontier. There are major cities with elegant hotels, but you also have plenty of acres to explore with hiking and zip line tours.