Arkansas is noted for its eastern edge being part of the western frontier. Arkansas is one state that is often overlooked, but it has offered some interesting history including one of our nation’s Presidents. Arkansas is still very much a rough and ready area with the Ozarks and land that still remains unsettled in modern times. Zip lining through the Appalachians is one way to view the natural beauty that Arkansas has to offer.

During the Civil War it was a state with high racial tensions and it was a state that was forced into desegregation in 1957. Industrialization is notably the top economic producer for the state.

Visitors to Arkansas can enjoy the city life where things are very modern and industrial or they can take on the adventure of zip lining. The state is full of outdoor recreation like zip lining, hot springs, and mountain scenery.

History buffs might want to explore the civil rights movement, while others are heading to the rural Ozarks with its wonderful zip lining options. Around the hot springs one will find luxury accommodations complete with golf and spa, while the eastern and southern sections may be more modern with larger cities.