Australia is a landmass with a variety of regions from rainforest to extreme desert space. Australia also contains the island of Tasmania and several small islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The continent is the sixth largest in terms of area with plenty of neighbors like Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. Australia is a beautiful country for zip line adventures, scuba diving, and culture.

Before Europe and for about 40,000 years Australia was inhabited by Native Australians. These people belonged to at least 250 different language groups. Dutch explorers and British visitors have had their influence in Australia. Australia is considered the 13th largest economy with the fifth largest per capita income.

Australia is 2,941,300 square miles in size with a variety of different regions like the Great Barrier Reef off the north east coast. It is the largest coral reef in the world. There is also Mount Augustus, which is supposedly the world’s largest monolith. Mount Kosciuszko is the dividing range on the mainland with the highest mountain peak. It is taller than Mawson Peak in a remote territory of Australia’s Heard Island. Other mountains include Mount McClintock and Menzies. These mountains and the rainforests in the north east provide the perfect landscape for zip lining adventures.

Australia is known as the flattest continent with the oldest and least fertile soils. The desert known as the outback is semi arid and makes up most of Australia geographically speaking. The Kimberley, which are sandstone cliffs and gorges in the northwest, offers zip lining tours and magnificent views.

Sydney, the capital, provides some of the best operas, culture, and cuisine of Australia. It is a major port that has brought in a variety of cultures. For visitors that want to see more than just the city with cultural museums, churches, and historic sites, there are the Australian forests.

In the forests visitors will find evergreen species like the eucalyptus trees. The animals of Australia are just as varied as the human inhabitants. While zip lining around the continent one can expect to see Koalas, kangaroos, wombats, and a variety of birds like the emu or kookaburra. Australia is filled with a few of the most dangerous animals too like venomous snakes and crocodiles.

Visitors may want to decide first on whether the coastal, cities, or outback is where they wish to head. Food and wine should also be a part of the experience as Australia does have a few great vineyards.

Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Alice Springs are some of the top cities to visit. Namadgi National Park and the Australian Alps may also be worthwhile destinations for zip lining and Australian adventures.

Luxury resorts will be found in the main cities, but there are also small inns spread throughout that can more than accommodate an adventurer. An individual or group may want to explore the outback after a few days of the city and zip lining. There are plenty of spas, rainforest hotels, and adventure on the continent.

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