Georgia has some of the best zip lines in America!

Georgia is home to the deep south where you will find cobblestone streets, 18th century street lamps, and beautiful historic homes that are now inns and b&bs. Savannah and Atlanta are two of the main cities in Georgia, but there is so much more to explore in rural towns by zip lining through the forests.

Atlanta may offer beaches, but you also have the chance to explore scenic farmland and forests, which is becoming more known for zip lines than ever before. Historic towns with world class hotels, fine dining, and adventure is all a part of a vacation in Georgia.

Luxury hotels include the Ritz Carlton, Mansion on Forsyth Park, and Cloister on Sea Island. From spa days to golf days Georgia makes certain to have something for everyone. If a trip around the capitol city is what you are after with a day in the park with paintball and zip lining, it can be found.

Georgia has a few locations towards the north for hot springs combined with zip lining adventures to make your visit complete. Thomasville is a small town with an aristocratic elegance that may entice you to spend more winter vacations in the town, just like the Rockefellers of old!

Georgia Zip Line Company:

Georgia Zip Line Company