New York is one of the larger USA states, with a mixture of flat land and mountain forests. New York is more than just New York City with Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and the US financial hub. It is a state filled with rich history dating farther back than the first Europeans to touch the North American shores. Prior to Europeans arriving in New York there were numerous Native American tribes which moved between what is now Canada and lower parts of New York. Zip lining is one way to enjoy the Adirondacks and Niagara Falls region of the state.

Forget about New York City as a destination and branch out into the diverse Catskill Mountains or Long Island Beaches. A zip line tour with Niagara Falls in the near distance will add more adventure to your New York trip.

Small towns built on ski resorts and zip lining will welcome you in the Catskills. A lot of the resorts in the northern areas of New York are on national forest land with special permissions allowing you privacy, spa treatments, and relaxing atmospheres. Summer in the Hamptons or along Atlantic Beach can only add to your adventures in this wondrous state.