Maryland and Delaware tend to be overlooked as states because of their close proximity to Washington DC. Maryland is a state full of beautiful places to visit. Zip lining is even possible in the trees of Maryland.

Annapolis may be the place to start if you want a lot of history, military bases, and to see the capital of the state. Annapolis will certainly have plenty of museums and historic old houses to keep you going.

If you have an entire week, you might start off in the capital, but you could also explore around the Chesapeake Bay. It is a key part of any New England town like those in Maryland and Delaware. There are also plenty of locations to enjoy the Civil War or Revolutionary War history.

Once you get off the I-95 into Maryland, you will find places like Havre de Grace which is a scenic area. If you visit the eastern shores you can steam crabs right from the sea or park outside of Frederick to see Cunningham Falls and zip line through the forest.

Maryland may be smaller than most other US states, but it offers a variety of outdoor recreation including our lining!