Tennessee will always be known as the home of the Smoky Mountains. Most notably, it's the State where more white water rafting occurs than any other state. In fact, the Ocoee river is known as America's most rafted river. This has allowed a diversified adventure selection in the region because of the amount of visitors looking for other things to do in addition to Ocoee river rafting with great companies like Outland Expeditions, for example.  So, whether you visit Nashville’s flatter regions or Chattanooga’s rolling hills, Tennessee is a city of southern charm and historic towns. Zip line tours are fast becoming one way to see the amazing Smoky Mountains with lines running through the national park.

Pigeon Forge is rampant with outlet malls and country music fun. Rock City close to Chattanooga allows you to scale the high cliffs and zip down to explore the countryside. Time may stand still in some of the small country towns, but one thing is for certain. Tennessee is a vast state of beauty, entertainment, and culture.

Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville provide the country music, towering buildings, and modernity you may need on a business trip. Chattanooga and the small cities around Smoky Mountain National Park will provide you with the amazing zip line tours of the countryside.

In the mountains you can expect wild strawberries, wild turkeys, a few bears, and several species of birds to welcome you. After zip lining your way around the wildlife you might want to stay in one of the cozy inns for a relaxing evening with the sunset over the mountains.