It's still a wonder to us that most of the traveling world still has not experienced the thrill of zip lining.  The first thing to know about zip lining is that it's been around for years.  In fact, depending on what you consider to be a zip line, it's been around for centuries!  For recreation however, zip lining has been a traveler favorite for over a decade.

If you are a zip line virgin, let us give you some healthy pieces of advice:

  1. Leave the no-strap sandals at home. It's often a long ways down and nobody likes a sandal search party.
  2. Wear something comfortable. High shorts my be cute on some people, but the straps could rub you raw.
  3. If you have an inhaler...bring it!
  4. Most companies go rain or shine, be sure to dress according to what Mother Nature is giving you.
  5. Know the age, weight, height requirements. Many people show up to a zip line tour not knowing the companies policies.

If you take those five steps of advice, you'll be just fine. Zip lining is an amazing way to experience a new place and appreciate Earth's beauty.  Sure it's exhilarating and fun, but zip lining is more than thrills.  Above you'll find video loops of people experiencing zip lines for their first time.  As you can see, they are having the time of their life! 

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