Come zipline the great state of Massachusetts!

Massachusetts most prominent city is Boston, a city drenched with American history. Yet, the state contains much more than just Boston given that it offers farming, lakes, ponds, and best of all zip lines! Pioneer Valley contains the Connecticut River, which was popular among farmers and trappers in the olden days and now perfect for a future zip lining tour across the smaller sections.

Massachusetts is an industrial state with red brick mills along the river for textiles and paper. Many of the buildings are post World War II offering rich architecture and history. Boston is a city situated on the harbor and home for some large financial companies. It is also a city filled with a mixture of culture, food and nightlife.

The Berkshires are the most common area to find zip lining adventures with the twin ranges rambling through the western section of the state. The Berkshires are well known as a weekend getaway with spa resorts, some skiing in winter, and plenty of outdoor recreation year round. A few of the older families still retain their Berkshire Cottages, which are luxurious mansions, while others have been turned into resorts for visitors.

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