Depending on who you talk to, Missouri can be both Midwest and Southern. It borders Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas for the Midwest and Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, and Tennessee for the southern section. Missouri was once a state owned by France and Spain before it became the 21st state. Today visitors can explore some of the hills via zip lining before or after traveling to the major tourist landmarks.

Missouri is certainly a versatile landscape with the Ozark Mountains to the south for the best zip lining through forests, over rivers, and around lakes. Even Lewis and Clark found plenty to entertain themselves with in Missouri by traveling the Missouri River through St. Louis.

Missouri was also a starting point for the Sante Fe, California, and Oregon Trails. These famous routes are still pridefully marked as gateways to the true American West.  While you may not find Daniel Boone running about the trails anymore, Missouri still has plenty to offer in the way of luxury resorts in St. Louis and Kansas City. Hot springs near the Ozarks and adding a zip line tour can also make the perfect vacation.