Though New Jersey is named the Garden State, one doesn’t often think about its hills and forests. Rather, we think about its industrial parks and closeness to New York. Yet, many tourists are beginning to realize New Jersey has a lot to offer like zip lining in the small parks.

It is true that Elizabeth and Newark are industrial parks, but this only makes up a small part of the tiny state. Atlantic City, barrier islands, and farm fields are also a part of this state. Parkland near the Delaware River offers some of the best zip lining along with rafting and fishing.

In this area Lambertville, Milford, and Frenchtown allow for relaxing vacations in historic towns. These small towns have boutiques, eateries, and storybook scenery. After a morning of zip lining over the Delaware River guests can go to live music venues, Asbury Park or drive towards the Jersey Shore.

New Jersey may seem like an industrial city, but there are plenty of small and elegant inns for a relaxing vacation. Morristown National Historic Park is at least one place to visit with 27 miles of trail, a museum, and zip lining adventures to make your stay complete.