New Orleans is perhaps the most recognized portion of Louisiana. Yet, this state will offer any visitor more than the French Quarter and Bourbon Streets. Zip lines are becoming more popular perhaps because visitors are finally learning that Louisiana can also be an outdoor state for recreation.

Louisiana has a mixture of cultures including French, Spanish, and African. For the longest time the French and Spanish traded ownership until the state was formed. All three cultures continue to influence the city. The Creole food is a must try! There are a variety of other local cuisines offered in the state as well. Getting away from the coast, visitors find incredible outdoor adventure like zip lining.

The state offers eight months of hunting, bike tours through the plantations, and multiple rivers and lakes surrounded by enough trees for zip line enthusiasts. There are 150 lakes in the state along, with the Mississippi, that one day we hope will have zip lining across!

The bayou, wetlands, and humid climate all make a warm visit to this beautiful state. Luxury resorts with golf and floating casinos can also be a part of one’s adventures after zip lining around.