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Zip lining is just one adventure you can enjoy while in China, South Korea, IndiaTurkey and other Asian countries.

Historically, Asia is the oldest country with extremely ancient cultures, which have mingled with more modern cultures in recent years. There are still parts of Asia that have yet to reach modernity.  However, it's not uncommon to find a culture so old that it is if as technology never existed.  Some believe Asia is the birthplace of zip lines.  Even today you will find zip lines being used for practical reasons rather than recreation. People will transport their good over water via zip lines and you'll even find school kids using zip lines on their trek to class!  It's an amazing sight to see!

Asia is home to a variety of mountains from the Himalayas to the edge of the Urals. There are roughly 50 countries in Asia and we hope each one of them has their own zip line tour one day. Indonesia, the Malaysian Peninsula, and other islands all offer exquisite volcanic mountains. Japan is well known for their mountains as too. The entire chain is a mountainous region...perfect for zip line!  South Korea also has a few mountains to make it unique and enjoyable for zip lining too.

The Silk Road allowed Europe to connect with Asia as did boats. In older times it was fascinating for Europe to go to Asia and bring back some of the most amazing goods from China, India, and other countries that could be found. Today, there is still a fascination with Asian countries whether it is history, goods, or more modern creativity. Japan is far advanced in technology providing most of the world’s best gadgets like PlayStation, HDTVs, and mobile phones.

South Korea, though politically separate from North Korea with several fights over territory, has become a top destination for Europeans and Americans. We like to think that zip lining may be the cause but it's probably more to do with the culture. The Philippines are often forgot about when thinking of Asia but they are home of some of the greatest zip line rides in the world.

Whether one stays in Thailand luxury hotels with spas, infinity spas, or goes into the hills of Bhutan for zip lining there is something for everyone on a to Asia. Asia is quite well known for their meditation and ancient medicines and thus much of their hotels and modern structures are based on Zen teachings. It can make for a relaxing vacation, combined with luxury, modernity, and history.

As you can tell, Asia is a world of it's own but don't forget about all of the incredible zip line options.  Browse our website and find specific information on zip lining in specific Asian countries.

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