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Zip lining in places around Canada can include the Rocky Mountains, BC temperate rainforest, and the Canadian Shield. 

Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. It spans 9.9 million square kilometers making it the second largest country in area. It borders with the United States is considered the longest land border in the world. Canada was inhabited by Native tribes for centuries before the British and French expeditions in the 15th century. France lost most of its territory to the British after the Seven Years’ War, but they did make a home in Quebec Canada, where most citizens still speak French as the primary language.

Canada to the north is referred to as the Canadian Arctic which is still heavily covered by ice and permafrost. Canada also has the longest coastline with a total of 125,570 miles of coastline. Thanks to the last glacial period Canada now has eight distinct forest regions which are ever popular for zip lining adventures.

The boreal forest in the Canadian Shield is one of the most popular locations for zip lining and outdoor recreation. The area has more lakes than the rest of the country and Canada has more lakes than any other country.  A lot of the fresh water available in the world comes from their lakes because of the melting fresh water glaciers.

Starting from East to West, Nova Scotia offers a fairly flat land area, with some hills and coastal enjoyments like the beach. Zip lining is still possible in this area, though it may be more popular in the western counterpart of British Columbia.

British Columbia, particularly Vancouver is an amazing temperate rainforest like much of Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The forest in this area provides tall trees perfect for zip lining. Vancouver is home to an amazing zoo and forest park complete with a rope bridge over one of the deepest gorges. Quebec, Alberta, and Vancouver are three of the largest cities in Canada offering some of the best cuisine, culture, and activities (including zip line tours).

In most of the cities guests can enjoy theater, fine dining, vacation rentals for the entire family, and zip lining adventures. White water rafting, camping, hiking, biking, and skiing are also prominent recreational activities in Canada to enjoy. Niagara Falls is perhaps the most notable region given its border location and amazing water fall.

As you are searching around to zip line Canada, be sure to check out each province on our zip lining website to find more specific zip lining information.


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