Kansas may bring Dorothy or Superman to mind as both fictional characters hailed from the flat state. However, there is something else becoming more popular in the state than even these classics - zip lines!

Perhaps it is the exploration for something new or maybe it is the paintball craze that has meant zip lining locations are added in for heightened fun, but there is definitely a rising popularity in zip lining around Kansas.

Kansas has a few rivers that will help make the zip line adventures fun too. Though Kansas is a lot of farmland, there are also some major cities as a part of the state too like Kansas City. In Kansas City one can enjoy plenty of fine dining and top resorts. If a spa retreat is what you are after Kansas City can certainly offer it.

In other areas of the state are such things as the Chisholm Trail, Pony Express, and Santa Fe Trail. Though the trails are no longer in use as they once were in the Wild West, they are still available for historic tours like Dodge City where gunslingers would walk the dirt roads.

In the end, you'll see Kansas is more than just a flat state and one can best see that through zip lining adventures.