Alaska is the USA’s last frontier because so much of the land is still unexplored. The rugged terrain makes it impossible for most to explore unless it is by plane or helicopter. For the adventurous type Alaska can provide everything from climbing Mount McKinley to zip lining through Anchorage’s forests while black bears and moose look up from below.

Sitka provides visitors with whale watching adventures right from the local park, Russian history, and an island style of life in a temperate rainforest. Juneau combines Native American culture with European and American. A tour of the capitol city will offer Mendenhall Glacier, Sandy Beach, and some of the most gorgeous waterfalls fed by glaciers that run into the sea.

Up north are the ice cities like Fairbanks, where temperatures barely rise above freezing even for summer. Yet it is the heart of Alaska like Haines, Glacier Bay, and Anchorage that provide amazing zip lining tours of the world below.

It is impossible to expect the beauty that Alaska brings out with its different weather ranges from the temperate rainforest to the pine forests for zip lining. The rail in middle Alaska makes it possible to get around Denali National Park and to some of the outer towns to see what true Alaska really is.