New Hampshire is a unique state not only with its geography, but also its political stance. The “Live Free or Die” license plate is considered apt by residents as the Granite State provides no bottle return laws, legislation for motorcycle helmets, sales or income taxes. It was the home state for Robert Frost who once said fences make the best neighbors. With a state so full of life, zip lining is one adventure you need to experience in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has a small coastal highway, but chances are you will want to avoid the fields full of rocks, small beaches that almost don’t exist, and head towards the mountain region of the state for zip lining, skiing, and outdoor recreation.

Travelers will find trucks, hunting caps, country music, and pancake houses spread throughout the state, with some luxury resorts in the mountains for visitors desiring to ski or zip line through the forests.

Hancock is one of the most charming destination within New Hampshire. It is a satellite to Peterborough, but it has an 18th century history combined with old bed and breakfasts, inns, and plenty of undisturbed land to keep a visitor entertained throughout their visit.