The Midwest conjures up pictures of small towns, with acres and acres of farm land. Ohio is certainly a part of small town America with main streets filled with mom and pop shops, but also urban cities with fine dining, lodging, and culture. More and more people are beginning to realize that zip lining is a very popular sport in Ohio.

Zip line tours can be conducted just about anywhere as long as there are rivers, hills, and trees. In a state like Ohio zip lining is more of a sport outside of the cities, where hiking, biking, and boating are also possibilities. Rivers are perfect for running a line across while white water rafters go by beneath you.

Some of the larger cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus offer historic buildings, zoos, museums, and culture. Ending one’s day in any of these cities can be fun if spa treatments are part of your vacation design. Otherwise, the rural towns with acres of farm land are plentiful enough to provide you with a relaxing vacation in a small inn for hiking, beach exploration or zip line tours. Ohio is much more than just a Midwest state.