The Red rock and soil of Nevada is worth seeing if you take the time away from Las Vegas to explore the outdoors of this state. Whether you visit Sin City or the outlying country you can enjoy zip lining tours as a different way to see the state.

Las Vegas and Reno are the two most notable cities in Nevada with their gambling establishments and amazing luxury resorts. Visitors will certainly find plenty of spas, pools, and drinking to keep a vacation mesmerizing, but one should not forget the mountain peaks that stretch through the desert towards the north or Lake Tahoe with its beauty. Zip lines in the western section of Nevada are one way to see the world from above.

Nevada has never had a problem attracting visitors, but some of its secrets seem “best kept” (like zip lining) as gambling tends to take the focus. There is always the Great Basin Desert and Mojave Desert for off road adventures combined with zip line tours on some of the red rock plateaus. Red Rock Canyon, Angel Lake, and the Valley of Fire are some of the prettiest areas of the state which are perfect for bike riding and zip lining.