Mexico is whatever you want it to be, it has a wealthy mass tourism industry that can offer easy travel to popular places. But if you want more adventure than a package holiday, Mexico can offer that as well. A very brief look on the internet will reveal, activity holidays, that include some of the best canyoning anywhere in the world, hiking, mountain biking and coral reef snorkeling. There are community holidays which will teach you to cook real Mexican food deep in the rural hinterland as well as a whole host of eco-adventures to conserve local environments and preserve traditions.

Mexicans love tourists and recognize their importance to the Mexican economy, they are only too happy to make feel at home in their country and learning just a few words of Spanish will impress them greatly.

An incredibly popular activity for locals and tourists alike are the increasing number of zip lines and canopy trails that are set in adventure parks in the unique Mexican biosphere. There are hanging bridges, climbing walls, rope ladders, rappel lines and a side by side tandem zip line for adrenalin junkies.
There are direct flights to Mexico available from Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean.

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