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Few other areas of the world can be so perfect for zip lines. Africa is the second largest continent in terms of people and area. It contains 11.7 million square miles including some of the African islands. Africa covers 6 percent of the earth’s surface. Africa has 1 billion people spread out in 65 territories. The Mediterranean Sea borders Africa to the north, splitting it from Europe. The Suez Canal and Red Sea separate Asia from Africa. To the south is the Atlantic with the Indian Ocean on the southeast.

Madagascar is mostly tropical forest, with plenty of zip lining options on a day trip to the island. Africa is considered the location of the origin of humans. It is said that Eastern Africa was the first place to be inhabited by the early hominids. The scientific community believes that Africa is the starting point for the spread of the human race throughout the world, and they have found at least seven ancestors buried in the earth of Africa.

Africa’s location on the equator offers a temperate climate in the north, with warm temperatures throughout most of the continent. The Seychelles have recently become one of the most popular destinations in Africa for its tropical beauty and zip lining. The Seychelles are a small country with a few different islands. Many of the best coastal resorts are located on the islands, where infinity pools, no internet, and scuba diving are all part of the experience.

Egypt is perhaps the most well known for its history considering the pyramids. The Egyptian culture was the precursor to the Greek and Roman empires. They also had some of the most advanced technology for their time that has helped support the world even today. Spending a few weeks in Egypt’s desert can be an educating experience, there are rumors of a zip line tour going in along the Nile where most of the pyramids are.

Morocco could be another location in Africa for zip lining. It is located in the northwest area where one can find desert, mountains, and coast. It is more than the home to Casablanca and famous movie sites for filming. The mountains are some of the tallest in Africa providing cold winters and magnificent forests. If you want to stay in one place Morocco with its French influence and zip lining treks could be perfect.

South Africa is yet another country in Africa that may be of interest considering its varied landscape, diving, and culture. For a nomadic experience there are always African tours of the desert with lions and elephants on the sightseeing menu.

Africa still has tribes living off the earth, but there are also cities like Cape Town (South Africa) or Casablanca that can make one’s tour enjoyable. From the Seychelles to Niger, visitors can find history, culture, and an amazing variety of cuisine. The Seychelles cater to tree houses, permanent tents for camping, and zip lining. River rafting, diving, hiking, and zip lining are just part of the holiday adventures awaiting you.

We can't express enough how zip lining in Africa is absolutely amazing and should be part of your next vacation.

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