Home to the Windy City, Illinois is a virtuoso of activity including zip lines. Chicago may be the first city to come to mind for a trip up to the northern mid-west, but one will certainly find the state offers much more than just this beautiful city. Charming towns scatter the shores of the Great Lakes. So where Chicago is filled with top resorts, spas, bars and night clubs you also have small towns where history is preserved.

Illinois was a key to escaping slavery in the past due to the Mississippi River routes. One day that same river will be used to zip line from one bank to the next. The Underground Railroad can still be seen in certain parts of the state, along with artifacts which have been preserved for viewing year round.

Illinois is definitely a prairie state, meaning it has more flat land than most which is great for farming, but they also offer 50 state parks that contain nature centers and wildlife. These same parks can offer you zip lining adventures through the forest. Exploring Springfield is another way to enjoy Illinois especially if you enjoy a mixture of cultures and some great food.