Oklahoma is more than a sprawling farm state, with flat land, country trails, and the Dust Bowl. It may seem like a barren wasteland, but it has truly become more than that as a state now that modernity has arrived. No longer is it a place for Will Rogers and Woody Guthrie alone. Oklahoma is fast becoming recognized as a place for fun zip line tours combined with paintball.

There are definitely rodeo towns, farm lands, and the true Oklahoma heritage that we remember from the past, but it has been combined with larger cities and 200 man- made lakes. Additionally, Oklahoma offers four mountain ranges: Arbuckles, Wichitas, Ouachitas, and Ozarks. It is these four mountain ranges to allow one to enjoy zip lining. Pop culture can also be a part of your trip with diners all along Route 66.

Yet, you can still enjoy the nature hikes if pop culture is not your favorite pastime. Oklahoma is definitely the “OK” state for a mixture of fun and zip line tours. Whether you want to camp along the different grounds of Route 66 or stay in luxury resorts in the major cities, Oklahoma will have something to offer the entire family.