The Pacific Northwest has a unique charm, perhaps because of the added rainfall making the forests and flat lands verdant. Washington State is a mixture of mountains and flat agricultural lands with plenty of activities like wine trains and tours, shopping, scenic drives, and cultural events.

Spokane plays home to the dryer part of the state referred to as Eastern Washington. A Spokane zipline course every zip enthusiast should try is called Mica Moon Zip Tours. It's the region's only true canopy tour and is beautifully designed and set on the historic Mica Peak mountain.

Seattle is a gateway to the coastal region, hemlock forests, and wonderful zip line tours. The Columbia Gorge is one of the premier locations in Washington for zip lining. It is often a destination that individuals go to at least once. Mount Saint Helen’s is another attraction of the state, which attracts tourists each year.

Whales, otters, sea lions and a variety of bird life can be seen from the right coastal town in Washington. With zip lining you can see what the bird’s love whether it is at Mount Rainier National Park or the Olympic Range.

Washington State is close to Vancouver and the San Juan Islands, whether you want to enjoy a quick ferry ride or drive up to Bellingham and then over to Canada. One thing is for certain, the old growth forests are perfect for a morning or afternoon zip lining tour before a wine train ride in the evening.