The Bridges of Madison County are not just fictional bridges in a book. They are real and one of the biggest attractions next to zip lining the state of Iowa has to offer. Iowa is home to the movie Field of Dreams, but though it is not heaven on earth, the state is certainly going to pack a lot in for your vacation.

Cornfields can be found in amazing numbers right beside some of the coolest bridges the USA has to offer. State fairs are some of the most celebrated events, along with zip lining adventures over rivers and through forests.

Iowa is the home state to two very important Americans: Hoover and Grant Wood. Grant Wood was an artist that provided us with American Gothic and you can still see some of his 5,000 works spread throughout the state in different locations.

Anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy the fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, camping and the zip lines Iowa offers. The state it has the most golfers per capita than any other state in the USA including Hawaii. Before the snow falls it is possible to visit the fall foliage by zip lining through it for an up close look.