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Europe, known as at the Old Continent is divided from Asia on the east by water, the Urals, and the Caucasus Mountains. To the west is the Atlantic Ocean and to the south is the Mediterranean Sea separating Africa from Europe. By surface area, Europe is the second smallest with only 3, 930, 000 square miles. Europe has approximately 50 countries, with Russia the largest in terms of population and area. Vatican City is the smallest in all of Europe. Europe is the third largest in population though with over 733 million. Zip lining has become a large draw for those in Europe and for visitors too.

Greece and much of Europe is considered the birthplace of Western culture. The continent played a huge role in global affairs, establishing democracy and other political leadership. Europe was known to control many continents in early history like America and most of Africa. This political history has offered a great deal of culture to the world. Spain, Francy, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and a host of other cultures mix in Europe offering different religions, cuisine, and experiences. Interestingly enough, adventure sports like zip lining originate in Europe.

Europe not only offers some of the oldest hotels, churches, and historical sites of the world but they also have a range of geography that caters to just about every outdoor enthusiast including those who love to zip line through forests.

In the southern regions of Europe there are more mountains such as the Alps, Carpathians, and Pyrenees. In the northern section are the plains, which are rather vast in the eastern section. The area is considered the Great European Plain lying mostly in Germany. Many countries in Europe have coastline like the Iberian Peninsula and Italian Peninsula. The United Kingdom and Ireland are a part of Europe too with their mountains and fjords. Zip lining can certainly add to any vacation in this old world continent.

Europe mostly offers mixed forest with pine, oak, and evergreens. Deciduous forests can make for some of the best zip line tours, hiking and skiing. The Alps are well known for being the perfect destination for skiing and luxury resorts.

Resorts in Europe can include small historic buildings with a few rooms or grand luxury resorts run by some of the largest hotel chains in the world. A mixture of marble, wood, and age can be included in these resorts. There are also new constructions with every modern amenity one could want.

Europe is known for its cuisine whether it is French, German or Italian. Dining in Europe is more of an experience than a necessity, which allows visitors to truly fulfill their vacation with plenty of good things to eat and adventure.

A trip to the coast like France can also supply some of the best beaches, diving, and luxury one could hope for. Cannes, Rome with its Catholic history, and London are just some of the best cities to see while touring the continent. A morning with zip lining can be finished with a romantic dinner and walk along a beach or historic street.

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