Nebraska farmland, where true country boys are raised, sprawls throughout the Great Plains state. It is known as one of the most productive states with farmland growing corn, soy bean, and wheat along with cattle running around on acres of land. Nebraska was also home to Ted Kooser, a Poet Laureate. Here you might think that zip lining is impossible, but there are plenty of travelers finding out differently.

Zip line tours are hard to develop on flat land, but Nebraskans make certain they do not miss out on such a fun outdoor activity with fabricated courses and lines running over a few of the rivers. You might be more inclined to see farmland with antelope, bison, and eagles running around, but you can still enjoy the zip lining experience here.

Nebraska surprisingly has 450 lakes and streams with geese and cranes as the water residents. Chimney Rock is a startling peak for zip lining and the beginning of the old Oregon Trail, which is the 82 mile trail started by Lewis and Clark. If you stop along Highway 87 you can even experience Carhenge, a car sculpture park built to resemble England’s Stonehenge. Nebraska truly offers a variety of entertainments not the least of which is zip lining.