Virginia is a vast state in New England with plenty of colonization history. As one of the first states to become a place for European settlers it offers historic buildings, museums filled with historical artifacts, and a diverse culture. Virginia is close enough to DC for a quick trip to the Capital of the USA. Before exploring the capital for a day, there is always the amazing choice of zip lining in the forests of Virginia.

Virginia’s first town was Jamestown. It was a bountiful land with rough hills, but eventually settlers managed to make a settlement that would last. These same settlers meandered through the state past the Cape, Chesapeake Bay and into the Piedmont before hitting the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains offer plenty of adventures from skiing to zip line tours of the grand forests. The Blue Ridge Mountains are still a great destination for lovers and outdoor adventurers. With a combination of ski resorts and luxury accommodations, Virginia offers just about any activity a traveler could want.

Zip lining may be your first thought for adventure, but there is always the historic mountain and coastal towns, shopping, and museums to add to any zip line vacation.