Come Zip Lining in Connecticut!

Zip lining through the forests has become a draw for summer vacationers in Connecticut. Almost indescribable with its beauty, history and small stature, Connecticut is only 90 miles wide and 55 miles in length, yet it has a mixture of undeveloped corners. 

Many of the small historic towns of Connecticut remain beautiful with their historic churches, storefronts, and main streets. The highest elevation of the state is 2,380 feet, but it is enough for any zip line enthusiast to enjoy. The best zip line tours in this state are offered by Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center. 

Connecticut is not just about zip lining in the forests. Numerous travelers arrive in Connecticut each year to see Naugatuck, Housatonic, Quinnipiac, and Thames. These cities are born from the coastal region where fishing is one of the main industries combined with resorts and boat building. Also, Plymouth Colony, which can still be visited as one of the main cities of Connecticut, truly shows the rich history of New England.

Resorts of Connecticut often retain the classic colonial appearance to help keep them alive and perfect for the old colonial villages that run from the northwest on down. The Mystic Coast is another corner of Connecticut often explored by travelers to find the nostalgic past of the USA.

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