Experience Zip Lining in Florida! Some of the best zip line courses in America await!

What comes to mind when you think of Florida? The everglades, the keys, and plenty of beaches might be some of the things that are foremost in your mind.  All of them would be right, but there is one thing missing from the list that is growing in popularity, which is zip lining.

It used to be that air boat rides through the everglades and mangroves was the best way to see the beautiful watery forests of Florida; however, zip lines have come a close second in recent years.

Florida is home to many historic towns like Apalachicola or St. Augustine. You have Miami on the east coast with luxury hotels that may remind you of Europe. If you travel to the west coast you’ll find Sarasota and the home of the biggest circus of the USA. In the middle is zip lining in the everglades and at Disney.

Pass on down to Naples and then on to Key Largo on your way to Key West. The diving all along the keys will be perfect for a couple. Snorkeling is another possibility in the keys with a slow tempo and plenty of leisure hotels to make your stay in Florida complete.

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