Texas is a state where everything is on a large scale. In terms of land Texas is the biggest in the lower 48, but it is smaller than Alaska’s sprawling wilderness. Though Texas is mostly flat it still lends itself to amazing zip line rides over the Rio Grande River or piney woods in East Texas.

Cowboys, desert, and the iconic nature of the southwest will run rampant through Texas. In East Texas you have zip line tours. Along the Gulf coast you have diving, cruises, and art museums. Dallas and Houston make up the major hubs of this sprawling state where football, parks, and cultural entertainments are primary adventures.

In Hill Country periwinkle winks out as you drive by before running into the red buttes and arroyos that meet Arkansas and Louisiana. Eating and drinking is just as big as the state where you can find mesquite grilled flounder, fresh cattle and Mexican cuisine.

Padre Island National Seashore provides swimming beaches or a ride towards Big Bend National park will combine the Rio Grande white water rafting experience with morning zip line tours from one bank to another. There is always San Antonio and the Alamo to complete a journey through this big state.