North Carolina is a large state with a lot of history. It is a state worth visiting for anyone who loves mountains and ocean all in the same region. Visitors are often attracted to the mountainous region of North Carolina and we are sure zip lines are part of the attraction.

North Carolina is divided into three regions: mountains, Piedmont, and coast. In the coastal and mountainous regions it is possible to enjoy zip lining during a vacation. Originally North Carolina had to rely on tobacco and furniture making to survive, but now that it is becoming a biotechnological and tourist attraction there is plenty to enjoy.

On the coast one can enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and maritime museums. The barrier islands are full of history to be romanticized like pirates and treasures.  Lighthouses make up a majority of the historical sites along with a few forts.

Inland in such locations as Ashville visitors can experience the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Lake Lure is a primo destination for zip lining and hiking. It is also home to Castle Rock which was used in the film Last of the Mohicans. The Blue Ridge Mountains have a mystery all their own that makes a morning zip line tour magnificent.