Oregon was once home to indigenous tribes, explorers, settlers, and traders. Today it is an amazing state to visit for its rich history, beautiful forests, and coastal towns. Oregon, which is located in the Pacific Northwest offers one of the rainiest states of the USA.  Due to the high amount of rain the forests are filled with tall pines, hemlock, redwoods and other trees. It makes Oregon the perfect destination for zip lining tours, with the early morning dew still on the ground.

The Columbia and Snake rivers meander through much of the northern boundaries of Oregon, which are an additional attraction to visitors who enjoy zip lining, white water rafting or history.  Rivers in the early days were the best way to get around the USA, which means Lewis and Clark and those taking the Oregon Trail made their way via the rivers and river trails.

Crater Lake National Park is just one reason to visit the state as there are plenty of scenic beaches around Newport.  The Oregon Shakespeare Festival may be on the list of things do to at night, but in the morning or early afternoon zip line tours will complete the adventure to Oregon.