Rhode Island may be the smallest state to make up the United States of America, but it has a big heart filled with a variety of historic destinations.

Rhode Island is comprised of small mountainous areas with mostly water as its main attraction. It has 400 miles of coastline and the amazing Narragansett Bay. It is fast becoming known for zip lining between the different cliffs surrounding the watery coast.

If nothing else Rhode Island also has plenty of paintball and zip line courses to test one’s sporty behavior. Rhode Island is also close to Massachusetts with its plentiful forests. Visitors can enjoy a trip along the coastal towns from Connecticut to Providence.

Providence as one of the oldest towns in New England will offer plenty of city tours of historic properties and museums. Aquidneck offers Newport, which is still filled with Colonial period houses and wares. It is a city known for its Chinese trade route and West Indies goods.

Block Island, an hour from Point Judith by Ferry is known for their summer resorts. Though it does not have the chic appearance of Martha’s Vineyard it is certainly a historical place to step into with some zip line options.