The Land of Lakes is a mixture of warm southern cities in summer and harsh winters to the north. Minnesota has the most lakes of any US state, which may be surprising to some considering the brutal northern winters Minnesotans suffer through. Lake Itasca Park is the only location where you can cross the river without a boat or bridge. It is also a popular area for zip lining in summers.

Bloomington offers the Mall of America, Minneapolis St. Paul and a few other large cities offer luxury and a good home for large businesses. In these cities zip lining is just a drive away. The great outdoors is what Minnesota is all about with its cross country skiing, snow mobile adventures, and the Superior Hiking Trail. You might start off with a short hike up a mountain to a zip line and find yourself relaxing in a hot springs resort later in the afternoon. If you so desire, strawberries and wild animals will be your only companions in a state like Minnesota.

Much of Minnesota is still unspoiled especially up in the northern sections, but not to worry, you have plenty of things to do in the cities with their museums, fine dining, luxury resorts or out in the country with zip lining.