Idaho is bursting with natural elegance. The state runs from high desert lands to the canyons of the Rocky Mountains which are prime for zip lining. With such a variety of activities and beauty in Idaho it is impossible to see it on just one trip.

Northern Idaho is the best location for zip lining in the mountains with volcanic landscapes, snowy peaks, glacier lakes, and beautiful pine woods. Up in the north you can combine zip lining, scuba diving and rafting in some of the best rivers in the world.

Idaho is known for its warm and friendly people making your visit a memorable one at luxury mountain resorts. The desert may not offer much zip lining, but its still worth the drive to see the magnificent beauty of the dried land.

The desert area provides you plenty of spas and luxury resorts too. A day in one of the elegant hotels and you may be revitalized enough to take a zip lining tour once you reach the northern borders. Idaho is also close to Montana and Washington if you want to enjoy a tri-state vacation with zip lining in all three locations.