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Most of the western world can thank Central America for the growth in zip line popularity. Without countries like Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala and Panama paving the way, much of this side of the world still would not have zip lining.

Central America separates North and South America through a series of small countries on fairly small land masses. Geographically, North America is linked by Mexico, but the Panama Canal cuts through Central America and South America to make shipping easier. Central America is made up of seven countries: Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama. On the east the Caribbean Sea and on the west the Pacific Ocean borders the countries. Like South America, much of Central America is rainforest providing a variety of zip lining adventures for visitors. Central America made zip line tours popular in the USA due to the cruise ships who visit these countries and provide zip line excursions.

Central America is 202,000 square miles and only makes up .1% of the Earth’s surface. The population is around 42 million making the density of people 206 people per square mile. Historically, Central America is as varied as any other continent or subcontinent. Native American populations existed through the pre-Columbian era with the Maya and Aztecs leading the era. The Spanish were the first to arrive in Central America, though the British did occupy Honduras, which is now Belize. The culture is still influenced by the Spanish and ancient Central American cultures. In fact, you'll find many zip line tours visit or are adjacent to many ancient tribal grounds.

Geographically, Central America has active volcanoes and earthquakes, which can make the land slightly unstable at times, but in recent years it has been fairly quiet from these natural occurrences. The main mountain ranges include Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Cordillera de Talamanca, and Cordillera Isabelia. These mountain ranges offer fertile valleys where many of the native Central Americans make their living. It is also the most suitable for visiting and zip lining tours. Honduras, Costa Rica, and Guatemala tend to be the most visited as they are also the most populated in Central America. Costa Rica for example has a high degree of ex-pat locations with resorts and luxury homes for vacations.

El Chorreron, El Salvador may be of interest to those who enjoy zip lining as the rainforest is filled with amazing waterfalls. San Pedro Beach can offer a different type of trip to Belize and Central America. Scuba diving is one attraction that brings thousands to Central America. Hiking, the subcontinent’s biodiversity and zip line tours also make up some of the most fun. Riverboat cruises, white water rafting, and wildlife viewing are also on the activities list.

Depending on where one visits, luxury resorts or quaint little village inns can be found. A trip to Central America can include historic churches, museums, and a cultural extravaganza. Many have enjoyed the culture of Central America along with the varied cuisine. Fresh fish, Spanish dishes and superb coffee are just a part of what one can experience on a trip to Central America.

Cruises are another way to visit and enjoy zip lining tours. Arriving in ports during the morning one can often find zip line adventures for mid morning and a watery adventure in the afternoon before heading back to the cruise ship. Central America may be small in terms of other sub continents, but it packs a lot into the small surface area.

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