Kentucky is state located in the south, which often gets overshadowed by places like Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. It may be surprising to learn that Kentucky is beginning to grow in the northern tip just across from Cincinnati, Ohio. Only the Ohio River separates them and one day will be the perfect river to zip line across...but you better watch out for the shipping lanes!

Kentucky is both flat with farmland and verdant with its forests. Zip lining has grown in popularity in areas thick with trees.  In the cities one can explore the riverfront restaurants, elegant hotels, and have views of the Cincinnati skyline.

Outside of the city there are little historic inns, farms, and outdoor recreation that welcome guests as if they were family. Depending on which side of Kentucky one visits hopping down or up to another state is quite easy.

Like much of the mid south, Kentucky has a big heart with plenty to share as people began moving from the south east towards the west. Kentucky was also inhabited by a few Native American tribes, though much of the state is used as farmland now.

For zip lining or other outdoor adventures Kentucky should be on your short list!