Indiana may not be a state you think of when it comes to zip lining, but you would be missing out on an adventure. Indiana offers the Ohio River, 24 state parks, 13 state forests, 14 nature preserves, and 9 reservoirs for outdoor attractions. It is fast becoming a state to be known for its zip line adventures.

Zip lining may begin in the forests where it is combined with nature hikes or paintball fun, but you can continue your vacation with other vacation activities too. Indiana was once known as a wild and unpredictable frontier, so historic locations like old ghost towns may be a part of your afternoon after a morning zip line tour.

Indiana has also provided some of the most famous stars of our history like James Dean, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hoffa, Kurt Vonnegut, and John Mellencamp. A tour of all their old homes or cities may add to the spice of zip lining through one of the many forests the state has to offer.

Indiana is not just the Hoosier State or the 19th to be added to the union. It is a state that has a variety of activities and zip line adventures that await you.