Delaware is so small and close to Washington DC that it tends to be overshadowed by vacationers, which is a shame. Delaware with Chesapeake Bay, beaches, and rolling mountains provides a great deal of activities like zip lines to residents and travelers.

Chesapeake Bay may be a top resort destination with luxury spas, historic inns, and small town flair, but the mountains are just as beautiful with their outdoor charms including zip lining. Wilmington, Delaware is another key to the state being one of the largest cities and filled with fine dining, romantic summer evenings, and historic sites.

Dover and Annapolis constantly draw in visitors, especially Annapolis with its military location. The colonial days of past centuries and the two wars on American soil add something to the small towns and cities.

For charming vacations, zip lining in the mountains and visiting Brandywine Valley for its luxury mansions can be a part of a traveler’s adventures. Lewes is another ocean town with charm, which is just across the bridge from Wilmington.

Zip lines, wine tastings, and luxury spa resorts await anyone who is looking for a small state with hidden treasures spread throughout its tiny borders.