West Virginia may be one of the smaller states in North America, but it has a lot packed into its tiny borders especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. The Appalachia beauty and terrain lends itself perfectly to zip line adventures. Its nickname is certainly apt to being the “Mountain State.”

In terms of mountains, West Virginia is just behind Colorado in terms of white water rafting and skiing. If seeing the world from above the trees or within the trees is what you aim for, then zip lining through the mountains of West Virginia will certainly help you accomplish this goal.

Harpers Ferry is a city that provides one of the most infamous raids in American History. After a few days zip lining through the Appalachian Mountains a visit to Harpers Ferry may be in order to enjoy the history that was once a separation of states during the Union and Confederate Battles. A renowned resort area in the Greenbrier lends you historic spa towns like Berkeley Springs.

After a morning zipping through trees you might want to rest up at Berkeley Springs rejuvenating your skin and body with the hot water, which was used by the Founding Fathers decades ago.