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EMPOWER Leadership Sports
2011 South Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457

Telephone: 860-638-4754

The zip line canopy tour adventure at EMPOWER Leadership Sports & Adventure Center in Connecticut is an amazing and uniquely inspiring ride through the tree tops. Regularly described as, “the Northeast’s best zip line experience,” EMPOWER offers a unique blend of fun and adventure with self-discovery and learning! At EMPOWER, the zip line canopy tour experience is fun but also tests one’s physical and mental abilities. This Connecticut zip line canopy course offers participants different opportunities to challenge oneself. The EMPOWER guides assist people in mustering up the courage to get out of one’s comfort zone, take a positive risk and grow from the experience of flying through the tree tops and traversing different challenge elements 50 to 75 feet off the ground!

EMPOWER is more than just canopy touring. EMPOWER brings people together to share a unique and safe adventure where zip lining and foot bridge crossings are only the beginning. When guests arrive at EMPOWER, they are immediately introduced to their guide team. From that point forward, they can trust their expertly trained guides to take care of them and calm any fears that may be present. After check-in and a brief introduction and safety class, the guide team outfits the participants into their gear. EMPOWER furnishes only top of the line equipment for our guests. Once guests have donned the harness, helmet and tether attachment and all safety checks have been completed, the guide team leads them up onto the first platform of the canopy course. After a brief description of the proper zip lining posture, the guide team starts sending participants down zip line 1 one person at a time.

  • Zip line #1 measures 370 feet in length. Although not our longest zip line, it is typically viewed as the hardest for people because it is the first zip line they have ever done! At the end of the line, participants land on a platform 55 feet off the ground and after catching their breath and taking in the scenery, they have a chance to watch as the rest of their group zips line 1.
  • Zip line #2 is the shortest of the course measuring 200 feet in length. It is a great line for a photo opportunity as our guides, who are taking pictures of the group the entire way through the course, can get a nice close up shot of people zipping over the trees and deeper into the forest canopy. The photos from your entire adventure can be downloaded for free from the EMPOWER website following the tour.
  • Zip line #3 is a nice ride through the tree tops. This zip measures 350 feet and is very different from the first two zip lines because it takes you under a lush green forest canopy. Participants have usually grasped the technique to zip lining “straight” by this point too. The landing takes place on a platform 50 feet off the ground. Once participants land here though, the experience changes a bit because each guest must make a decision about which challenge path they will take.

Decisions, decisions…should I challenge myself physically and try the military style cargo net and after that the multi-vine tight wire or should I dare to take the suspension foot bridges? It’s at this point in the canopy tour course that EMPOWER sees people step up and challenge themselves by getting further outside their comfort zones and pushing themselves through these physical and mental challenges. We encourage our guests to choose the level of challenge that is right for them.

  • Zip line #4 follows the high ropes elements and this one is a dousy! EMPOWER’s signature zip line measures 650 feet long and lands participants on a platform 75 feet up in the air! Participant speeds for this zip line regularly exceed 35 mph! This line will bring a tear to your eye…wind in your face, wicked fast, totally awesome type of tears!
  • Zip line #5 is the last zip line of the course. Participants take off from an elevation of 75 feet and land on terra firma after 600 feet of super-fast zipping! This is a great ride because the drop-off in elevation provides for some awesome acceleration. After walking down the “pirates plank” off the edge of the platform and zipping down to the ground, participants are greeted by their receiving guide one last time and are finally unclipped from the course! After a couple of post trip pictures, some hugs and handshakes, the group is led back to the Welcome Center for the conclusion to their Connecticut ziplining canopy tour adventure.

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