United Kingdom Zip Line MapThe UK has taken zip lining to its heart. It is hard to think of anywhere else that has such a large number and variety of zip line tours. Quite a few of the permanently installed wires are in adventure parks and offer visitors a selection of lines which are suitable for different customer groups. Some of the gentler courses also include rope swings, wooden walkways, ladders, tunnels and bridges. They are also designed for children and encourage creative as well as adventurous play.

The more extreme experiences are definitely only suitable for grown-ups, and quite brave grown-ups at that! There are zip line tours in the UK that go over waterfalls, in tall trees and in quarries. That’s just some of the permanent zip lines that are available. However, serious adrenalin junkies know that temporary zip lines are likely to appear in the most unlikely of places. Those who are in the know have zipped from office blocks, cranes and aqueducts. People in the UK can get extremely creative with their zip line locations!

Judging by the number of people who consider themselves zippers, these new heart thumping, adrenaline rushing lines are addictive and here to stay! Generally, zip lines in the United Kingdom are designed to be eco-friendly fun for all the family, and let’s face it, it’s much more exciting than another Sunday at home with nothing to do.

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