Bulgaria Zip Line MapAlthough Bulgaria is a relatively new country in terms of tourism, it is rapidly gaining a reputation for offering value for your money vacations. We are sure zip lines have something to do with that! Most of the beautiful beach resorts are found along the black sea coasts and offer mile after mile of golden sand. The whole area is popular with families due to the safety of the beaches and kid friendly attractions.

Similarly, some of the bigger, livelier resorts have also become a draw for young travelers, the numerous clubs, bars, casinos and restaurants combined with an almost perfect Mediterranean climate and cheap flights make the area irresistible. Sounds like Bulgaria can provide some fun and memorable nights before a morning zip line tour!

Bulgaria is less famous for its beauty away from the coast but truly a land of diversity, Bulgaria offers mountains, rivers and lakes where activity travel and eco-vacations are becoming increasingly popular. There are cycling, walking, caving, paragliding and camping opportunities all available. You can also take a zip line over one of the deepest gorges anywhere in the world, and count yourself amongst the elite few who have enjoyed the stunning views only available to those who are brave enough.

There is history and tradition in Bulgaria, a truly fascinating country full of medieval surprises for those who are happy to dig below the surface, Bulgaria is a great place with something for everyone and should be visited with an open mind, attitude and willingness to zip line!

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