Manitoba Zip Line MapManitoba is full of everything that makes Canada great, it has arctic tundra, agricultural flatlands, massive lakes, maple tree forests, gushing rivers, rocky landscapes and a rugged coastline. It is home to black bear, polar bear, lynx and wild moose. The only thing missing is the Rocky Mountains but the locals will just tell you that they would block the view.

The people from Manitoba are as open as the territory they live in and love, they enjoy their ancestor’s stories about being able to see three separate storms coming from different directions and counting belugas from the shore of Hudson Bay.

Whilst nobody would you to spend their entire vacation in Manitoba, it really should be included in your itinerary, Manitoba is like nowhere else in Canada whilst being Canadian through and through.

Manitoba has an adventure park with a zip line installation that offers zippers an adrenalin rush to beat all others. Some of the lines are suitable for all the family whilst others are only suitable for the bravest visitors and offer breath-taking views of ravines and mountains. There are short cables and long cables with platforms that offer an experience that you’ll never forget.

Manitoba is easy to get to but international travelers will have to touch down elsewhere in Canada and either change planes or catch a train into the territory.

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